Previously quite noble electric toothbrushes, due to the price reduction in recent years, have become one of the hot sellers of small household appliances. Electric toothbrushes often advertise that they can vibrate quickly and remove plaque effectively, but doctors point out that foreign studies have found that electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes can clean teeth equally effectively, and traditional things are not necessarily inferior to high-tech ones.

Electric toothbrush is used for brushing teeth and massaging gums. When brushing teeth, it can be used both by electric and manual, and can brush teeth vertically and horizontally. Gingiva through rhythmic tapping and rubbing, can enhance blood circulation, with drug use to enhance the gingival absorption of drugs is better. It has good therapeutic and preventive effects on periodontitis, gingivitis, gingival bleeding and other common dental diseases. Using this brush can change the habit of brushing teeth horizontally to brushing teeth longitudinally. When brushing teeth manually, the method is the same as that of ordinary toothbrushes.

The frequency and intensity of electric toothbrush are fixed, because children can not grasp the appropriate method of use for a while, easy to damage the tender gingiva, make the gingiva appear red and swollen symptoms, but also make the teeth suffer severe wear and tear, serious cases can also cause periodontitis, resulting in tooth loss. Therefore, children should be cautious when choosing electric toothbrush.

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