The new toothbrush should be cleaned first. After brushing the toothbrush, the toothbrush must be cleaned and dried with water, and the brush head should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. The toothbrush has been used for a long time, and the bacteria accumulate bacteria, which is not good for mouth health. Therefore, the bristles must be replaced, and at least one toothbrush should be replaced every three months.

1. The shape of the brush head is generally square and diamond. The square brush head effectively cleans every surface of the tooth. Diamond-shaped brush heads are more pointed at the ends of the brush head and are easier to penetrate deep into the mouth.

2, can be divided into two kinds – ordinary silk and DuPont silk. DuPont silk has good elasticity and is not easy to pour. Sanding is also important. After the bristles are cut, if they are not smoothed, they are easily damaged by too sharp. A brushed toothbrush with a rounded bristles prevents this damage and protects the gums.

3, the traditional toothbrush is generally straight shank, it is easier to use. The curved handle can penetrate deep into the mouth where it is difficult to reach. The elastic handle is said to prevent the gums from being damaged by excessive force on the gums. Non-slip handle to prevent the toothbrush from slipping when brushing.

4, the size of the toothbrush head: According to the regulations of the American Dental Association, the length of the toothbrush head should be 2.5 ~ 3 cm, the width is 0.8 ~ 1 cm, there are 2 ~ 4 rows of bristles, each row of 5 ~ 12 bundles of bristles, the front end of the toothbrush head It should be round and blunt. These rules can be used as a reference for people to choose a toothbrush.

5, the hardness of the bristles: generally can be divided into soft, neutral, hard three, usually use a neutral hardness of the toothbrush is more suitable. When you buy a toothbrush, you can press the bristles with your fingers. If the finger has a tingling sensation, it means it is too hard and should not be used. The bristles of commercially available toothbrushes are mostly nylon bristles. The elasticity, uniformity and hardness of nylon bristles are better than that of pig hairbrushes, which is more conducive to oral health care.

6, maintenance rules: in the usual use of toothbrushes, in addition to try to keep the toothbrush dry, it is best to always put the toothbrush in the sun to expose the sun, usually put the toothbrush in the place should be ventilated and dry, otherwise it will breed A health-harmful microorganism such as bacteria. The update frequency of the toothbrush should be between one month and two months.

7. Note: Replace the toothbrush every three months to make the cavity clean and wear less. As for the toothbrush, there is another saying that is often mentioned: “I will change it once in three months.” This statement is based on the fact that after a period of use, the bristles are curled and damaged, and the cleaning ability of such old toothbrushes is deteriorated, and the health and hygiene of the teeth are not well protected. The three-month time limit is based on the damage of most people’s toothbrushes.

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