Comfortable silicone + PP material handle, sucker base, convenient for baby to hold, hand-to-hand design, cute cartoon shape, let baby love brushing teeth.

Silicone toothbrushes remove more plaque. Common dental diseases, such as tooth decay, gingival bleeding and periodontitis, are associated with plaque. Research shows that electric toothbrush can remove 38% more plaque than manual toothbrush. In other words, silica gel electric toothbrush can help prevent tooth decay, gingival bleeding, periodontitis and other oral diseases.

It protects teeth. Many people brush their teeth very hard. Just see how long your brush bristles are damaged. If the brush falls down in a month or two, it means that you brush your teeth too hard. If you brush your teeth well in six months, it means that you brush your teeth not hard enough, and your teeth must not be cleaned. Both of them are not good for teeth, although the teeth are very strong, but brushing hard for a long time will wear the teeth, resulting in sensitive teeth, cold, hot, sour and sweet can not eat. If the teeth are not brushed clean, bacterial plaque residues, a variety of dental diseases will occur, tooth decay, periodontitis, may lead to loose teeth and severe toothache. It is easy to control the strength of the electric toothbrush with silica gel, that is, to put the toothbrush on the teeth, not only to ensure that the teeth are not worn, but also to ensure the cleaning effect, thus protecting the teeth.

Develop a good habit of brushing your teeth. Many people don’t like brushing their teeth and feel troubled. They may not even be able to do the most basic vertical brush, let alone the standard pasteurized brushing method. Silica gel electric toothbrush simplifies the method of brushing teeth, and has a timing function, so that you can easily develop a good habit of brushing teeth.

Alleviate gingival bleeding. Gingival hemorrhage is mostly a symptom of gingivitis and periodontitis. If gingivitis is ignored, it will develop into periodontitis. If periodontitis is neglected, it may result in loose teeth, premature delivery, miscarriage and other systemic diseases.

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