There are three ways to move the electric toothbrush head: one is the reciprocating linear motion of the brush head, the other is the rotary motion, and the electric toothbrush is a set of two types of brush heads. The bristles of the toothbrush head are made of soft plastic fiber, and the hair ends are processed into a spherical shape, which does not damage the teeth and the gums, and does not affect the brushing effect. Not only can every tooth be cleaned, but also the gums can be massaged. There are strong and weak conversion mode switches on the handle of the toothbrush, and the movement speed of the brush head can be selected according to individual needs. Foreign reports have shown that in the past few years, quite a few dentists have begun recommending electric toothbrushes to their patients. The electric toothbrush belongs to a tool for cleaning teeth, and is composed of a rechargeable dry battery, a micro DC motor, a battery case, a toothbrush head, a metal shield and a sleeve; the dry battery as a DC motor power source is installed in the battery case together with the DC motor, and the battery case There is a manual switch for controlling the on/off of the DC motor power supply; the DC motor shaft extends out of the battery case, the toothbrush head and the metal guard plate are set on the DC motor shaft, and the toothbrush head and the metal shield have a sleeve outside. Electric toothbrushes with a wide range of toothbrush heads are available for a variety of users.

In addition to daily brushing, it can also be used to massage gums. It can be used electrically and manually when brushing teeth, and can brush teeth in both directions. Through the rhythmic tapping and pressing, the gums can enhance blood circulation, and the use of drugs to enhance the gums is better for drug absorption. It has a good therapeutic and preventive effect on common dental diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis and bleeding gums. Using this brush can change the habitual lateral brushing to longitudinal brushing. When brushing by hand, the method is the same as that of a normal toothbrush.

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