Brushing teeth is a daily task.

Although it seems simple, many people do not pay enough attention to it in daily life. Toothbrush has a lot of adverse effects on the oral cavity, and may even lead to a series of oral problems. The following toothbrush manufacturers for you to analyze some common mistakes in toothbrushing.

Myth 1: When brushing teeth bleeding, do you need to continue brushing teeth?

Analysis: First of all, to understand the causes of tooth bleeding, bleeding is due to gingival inflammation, brittle capillary wall, can not resist normal stimulation, resulting in tooth bleeding. This is usually a sign of periodontal disease. Continue to brush teeth, and to develop the correct method of brushing teeth, so as to improve the gingival condition, improve the situation of bleeding teeth.

Myth 2: Can a soft toothbrush clean teeth?

Analysis: If the brush bristles are too soft, it may not be able to clean them, but if the brush bristles are too hard, it will easily lead to gingival injury. Specifically, the choice of toothbrush hardware and software depends on personal circumstances. Generally speaking, patients with periodontal disease should choose soft hair toothbrush, which is convenient for cleaning the periodontium, while those without periodontal disease can choose soft and hard moderate toothbrush.

Myth 3: There are oral ulcers, but when brushing teeth, it will hurt, and there will be bleeding. Do you want to brush your teeth in this way?

Analysis: Oral ulcer should pay more attention to oral hygiene, because poor oral hygiene is more affecting the healing of ulcers. It is recommended to choose a soft toothbrush, and at the same time, pay attention not to let the brush hair touch the ulcer site.

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