Disinfection method for toothbrush:

1, alternate use. According to scientific studies, certain pathogenic bacteria can die on their own after being fully exposed to air for 1 week. This requires two toothbrushes to be used alternately for one week.

2. After each brushing, apply a layer of soap with high-efficiency bactericidal properties to the toothbrush.

3. Soak with 0.1% fresh clean or 0.1% to 0.5% peracetic acid. The disinfectant was replaced after 1 week.
According to the bacterial culture of the used toothbrushes by two dentists in the United States, after 4 weeks of continuous use, the new toothbrush contains various bacteria such as Candida albicans and Streptococcus hemolyticus, which can enter through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Organs, causing a variety of diseases, such as thrush, acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rheumatic fever, acute glomerulonephritis. This is a potential threat to good health.

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