High quality brush head, Dupont brush head. The brush head can be replaced, and the original brush head can be replaced freely. One-button switch mode. 5-level intelligent mode switching at will. Clean, polished, white, protective teeth, sensitive. Environment-friendly waterproof fuselage. More in-depth cleaning, more effective removal of bacteria. Equilibrium strength, protect teeth and gums. Make sure that the strength of each area is uniform. Avoid periodontitis and protect oral cavity more comprehensively.

With the improvement of technology, there are many kinds. Generally speaking, the teeth are cleaned by vibration and rotation. There are some high-end ultrasonic instruments equipped with pulses and spraying water to clean teeth. The ordinary electric toothbrush which sells for tens of yuan on the market is only simple vibration and rotation. Its frequency and intensity are very large and fixed. Ultrasound toothbrushes generally do not harm teeth and gums, and can clean teeth very clean, but very expensive.

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