Natural, healthy toothbrushing. Bamboo environmental protection brush handle, free creative packaging. Mild oral cleaning concept, rounded routine brush head without wound cavity, environmental protection bamboo pole, health and environmental protection. Flexible brush, easy and deep cleaning. Forming in one to create a comfortable grip. Fine soft hair brush head, with good flexibility, small and flexible brush head, can go deep into the oral cavity cleaning, do your oral small guard. The circular arc corner design of the brush head is exquisite, compact and easy to penetrate into the oral cavity, and the smooth edge will not grind the wound cavity. Natural bamboo brush handle, comfortable grip, easy to use, select material health and environmental protection. Streamlined design of the neck of toothbrush, full of artistic texture, with facial value at the same time increase hand grip, comfortable and non-slip.

Nano toothbrush, deep cleaning of the gap to protect the gingiva. Fresh and simple nano toothbrush, can penetrate into the ordinary brush hair can not touch the gap between the depth of cleaning, soft and strong adsorption ability of brush wire to protect the gingiva from damage. Self-contained toothbrush cover, independent coat, clean and sanitary. PP handle, humanized hand-to-hand design.

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