The fine soft hair of bamboo charcoal toothbrush can penetrate into every crack that ordinary brush can’t touch, and it can be deeply cleaned. The soft bamboo charcoal toothbrush with strong adsorption ability can protect gums from injury. Elegant design, simple and fresh, 4 more practical. Carry different colours according to different scenes/let your mood choose more. Brush capillary and soft, enhance cleanliness. With toothbrush cover, it is convenient, clean and hygienic to carry. Streamlined handle, easy to handle, anti-skid. Brush capillary and soft, enhance cleanliness. PBT sharpens the tips, brushes the capillaries tightly and softly, and gives the teeth soft care. Streamlined handle, hand-to-hand design, easy to handle, anti-skid.

240 ergonomic hand feel, wheat with coarse-grained grinding hand feel. Bamboo charcoal brush is used to brush hair, which has both flexibility and flexibility. It can deeply clean oral cavity and tongue coating. Use wheat, starch, styling agent. Extrusion moulding, showing the true color of wheat. It does not contain heavy metals, bisphenol A and other traditional harmful substances. Natural materials can be decomposed by themselves at a certain temperature, humidity and placed in soil, which will not cause environmental pollution.

Simple toothbrush, health experience. Straw material, long carbon brush, healthy and odorless, care for family health, can be used at ease. Professional brush head, all-round cleaning. According to the oral design, the brush head can penetrate into every corner of the mouth and deeply clean every tooth. Simple plain color, fresh and comfortable. Four colors reveal simplicity, tranquility, easy to distinguish, and also add infinite color to your life.

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