The sealed handle design completely prevents water droplets from penetrating and the toothbrush has a longer life. The anti-shock technology directly transmits the vibration to the top of the brush head, which reduces the vibration of the handle, makes the hand feel more comfortable, and is more suitable for children. Simple body, cartoon pattern. The surface of the fuselage is smooth and easy to clean, and the multi-selected cartoon pattern attracts the child’s attention and makes the child fall in love with the toothbrush. Resistant to the fuselage shell, replaceable brush head design, the bristles wear and do not need to change the toothbrush, just replace the new brush head.

Wheat environmentally friendly material to ensure safe entrance. Wheat straw is selected as raw material, does not contain any harmful substances of human body, and also emits faint wheat scent. It can be decomposed by itself when placed in soil under a certain temperature and humidity. It is environmentally friendly and healthy. Bamboo charcoal soft hair, inhibits the growth of bacteria, bamboo charcoal bristles contain bamboo charcoal C active ions, easy to absorb dental plaque on the tooth surface, healthy white teeth, ultra-fine soft hair ends, can penetrate the mouth, strong removal of dirt, care for gums from damage . Cartoon handles, designed for children, each toothbrush has a unique cartoon pattern, simple and unique, natural material selection, non-slip design, ergonomic and comfortable hand grip. Creative cartoons with a variety of styles. Packed in PVC tube for easy carrying. Each product is packaged in a separate PVC tube that can be hung and easy to carry, whether it is for home or travel.


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