A music toothbrush, three-dimensional rotation, so that dirt no escape. Using the magnetic levitation acoustic motor, the vibration frequency of 8000 times / minute, the high vibration frequency can make the bristles constantly rub the tooth surface and effectively clean the teeth. 3D solid rotation can quickly dissolve the toothpaste and create foam, and drive the flow of water to wash the gums and teeth, so that the dirt of the teeth can not escape. Imported brush head, food grade material. The brush head is made of imported food grade material to ensure that the baby’s entrance is safe and harmless. Select carefully, import brush. Selected American Dupont brush, soft brush, top rounding treatment, scientific combination, more suitable for baby teeth, protect baby’s tender gums.

Sound vibration technology provides powerful brushing action to make teeth cleaner. Excellent cleanliness, can bring extraordinary cleanliness, help to improve gingival health. Provide gentle and effective cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums. One-click operation, simple and convenient, more intimate operation. Intelligent timing, 2-minute timing can help achieve the recommended brushing time of dental experts. Gear memory function. After each use, the toothbrush will remember the selected mode and take good care of your brushing habits. Waterproof can be washed all over the body, can be directly washed with water, intimate waterproof design, can withstand boiling and watering, easy to clean. USB fast charging, can be charged in computers, charging treasures, USB charging sockets and other places.


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