Acoustic vibration technology provides powerful brushing action to make teeth cleaner. Extraordinarily clean, it can bring extraordinary cleaning power and help to improve the health of the gums. Provides gentle and effective cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums. One-button operation is simple and convenient, and the operation is more intimate. Intelligent timing, 2 minute timing helps to reach the dental brushing time recommended by dental experts. The gear memory function, after each use, the toothbrush will remember the selected mode and take care of your brushing habits. Waterproof can be washed whole body, can be washed directly with water, intimate waterproof design, can withstand boiled watering, easy to clean. USB fast charging, can be charged in a variety of places such as computers, charging treasures, USB charging sockets.

Sonic toothbrush, micro-bubble teeth, rapid expansion of bubbles to produce a powerful clean shock wave. Impact on the tartar residue, the shock wave quickly wraps the residue and quickly cleans the teeth. Massage the gums, remove the residue from the teeth and clean, massage the gums. Magnetic suspension sonic vibration, quickly clean the mouth, and effectively remove plaque. The brush head is vibrating at high frequency, and the teeth are made into a SPA every day. The storm-like resistance to deep plaque, sonic cleansing, and effective cleaning of tooth stains. One button to open / 3 modes to protect your oral health. Cleaning: A standard cleaning mode that effectively removes oral stains. Anti-allergy: Second-order soft mode, soft and clean, no gums. Massage: three-step massage mode, pulse massage, efficient whitening teeth.

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