Soft nylon bristles reduce the burden on the gums and reduce tooth damage. Bamboo and wood toothbrushes, each toothbrush has an unusual texture, stylish and simple, simple and natural. The paint is sprayed with a bright surface and beautiful appearance.

The bristles are arranged neatly, the brush head is flat and delicate, and it is not easy to break the hair and lose hair. It is glued with professional brush glue, and the body is fine, durable and comfortable. The shape of the toothbrush is small and flexible, and the handle is designed according to the contour of the human hand. The teeth need to be carefully cared for. When treated with soft objects, the silk is soft and softly touched with the delicate master, giving the teeth a spring-like enjoyment. A toothbrush, 18 steps, finely polished, fully polished, pressed and carbonized, delicate and compact, smooth and comfortable, natural and environmentally friendly, quality assurance. A small imprint, leaving memories, laser engravings, and customizable memories engraved in the bones.

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