Fine nano small head soft toothbrush, high quality PP material, thermoforming, environmentally friendly and healthy. Does not contain any heavy metals, does not contain other unhealthy lead, chromium and other heavy metals. Degradable, placed in the soil, will decompose on its own. High quality PP material + carbon bristles, convenient and practical. Green and environmentally friendly material, safe and healthy, antibacterial, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, without any additives. With long carbon hair, it can penetrate deep into the teeth and clean thoroughly. 240 ° curved arc handle, fit the palm of your hand, whatever you want. PVC packaging, sturdy and safe, easy to carry. High value and low price, creative small head toothbrush, made of high quality materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Environmentally friendly and hygienic PP material, colorful 6 colors, so that the toothbrush is also colorful. 5 cores, Germany imported spiral brush wire, slender soft silk, soft and flexible, to prevent bleeding gums, 6 kinds of simple colors. Ergonomics, streamlined scrub PP handle, streamlined handle, slender and slender, with delicate matte treatment, brushing process is more relaxed and comfortable, feel more comfortable, the handle uses a new PP material, integrated molding, no odor, effectively prevent The handle is mildewed.

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